Extra Large
Melting Pot Block #5

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$ 10.00

Extra Large Melting Pot Block #5
approximately 4.1/2"x 8.1/2"x 2.1/2"
2.0 pound -  1 cubes


Color  (Click here to see listing of colors and samples)
IMPORTANT INFO. REGARDING FLUORESCENT PIGMENT COLOR CHIPS:  Designed for use in Paraffin Wax, these pigments are fluorescent (will glow under a black light). Pigments are less susceptible to fading and “bleeding”. They do not actually dissolve in wax but are held in suspension . Therefore, when using candle color pigments the candle wax must be stirred well


Optional:  Adding a scents are 25 cents per candle and scent will some heat to the candles

Wax Type:  (Click here to learn more about wax types)
Soy Wax there a $ 2.00 per bag, up charge, Soy wax cost more & is harder to pour



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